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I am Inga of Golfglam. I have made it my mission to add a little sparkle to ladies’ golf by creating glitzy and glamorous ladies’ golf visors. Golf is a stylish sport and every time we ladies hop on the fairway is an opportunity to show off the latest trends in golf fashion. And a visor naturally complements any outfit. Unfortunately they are usually plain and boring. I love golf and my motive in life is: sparkle, shine and live out loud, even on the golf course. So I need visors that fit with my motive. At Golfglam, we customise golfvisors with gems, rhinestones and pearls that will blind you and make you stand out on the golfcourse. I started this business in early 2017 after seeing a need for more stylish ladies' visors: visors should not just be a tool to block the glare of the sun - they can actually be a powerful statement of style.

I am an avid golfplayer who always needs a visor on a round, mainly to keep my hair in place. After having taken some inspiration from my 7-year-old daughter who adds rhinestones to everything I started this business. My visors immediately had a lot of success with my golf friends who requested their own glitzy visor. It all took off from there.

When not playing golf I am blogging about all things golf but mainly about golf issues that are of interest to women and promoting the women’s game.

I am very happy that you have found Golfglam, and I hope you will allow me the opportunity and privilege of providing you with one of my unique visors. And if not, maybe you enjoy reading my blog on issues around ladies golf. You can find my blogs here or on GolfWRX where I am a featured writer (http://www.golfwrx.com/author/ingabonneken/)

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Warm wishes and happy golfing