4 great reasons why we ladies should consider a visor

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In case you think you are not a visor type, it’s time to reconsider! Visors have made a big comeback and offer many benefits:

  • Timeless comfort: visors are often the headgear of choice for people who play golf or do other sorts of intense exercise because visors are less hot than a traditional hat or cap, provide ventilation and are light weight. 
  • Sun Protection: Visors usually, do a better job at offering sun protection than a hat or traditional baseball or tennis cap because the brim can easily be adjusted depending on the position of the sun. The only people who should not wear visors but rather full hats are those with bald heads or bald spot.
  • they just look good:  Visors do not mess up or hide your hair, in fact they can be easily combined with your hairstyle. Visors help people with fuller hair avoid the dreaded hat head, and they keep the sweat away. Visors also fit all types of headshapes. A visor is simply everyone’s best friend! It doesn’t matter whether you have a long or a wide face, a visor will always fit your head!
  • Endless Style: visors are sporty while at the same time offering endless style. It hasn’t always been like this. Visors used to be for old ladies and have not always gotten the respect they deserved. But over recent years they have made a big comeback and are now often spotted on the catwalk. The modern visor (whether by Marc Jacobs or Marni ) is entirely chic and has become a fashion symbol. 

Of course there are visors, and then there are visors. The visors we design at Golfglam are statement pieces . We hope you'll be spotted wearing one soon.

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