What makes a perfect visor?

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A visor is an accessory that is essential for any golfer to protect their eyes from the sun and keep the sweat off the face.  They are substantially cooler than a traditional hat. There are many types of visors around but what makes a good visor? 

  • The most important is that the visor is comfortable. Great comfort is achieved by the material used as well as the size: the material should be able to absorb moisture while the fit should be perfect. A visor that doesn’t fit results in discomfort and headaches. To ensure a perfect fit the visor can be adjustable.
  • A good visor should have structure and  not be floppy, all while being lightweight. The type of material used  determines  whether the visor can remove excess sweat and cool the head.  It should be a lightweight fabric that quickly aborbs sweat and water. 
  • A visor should be lined with a well cushioned sweatband which can  absorb any sweat to keep it out of your face and to provide additional comfort without giving a headache. A visor should provide wind stability through an extra stiff front brim. A wind cord and size cinch system will ensure that the visor stays on in windy conditions. 
  • The size of the brim is also an important aspect to consider for the general functioning of the visor. Ideally the brim should be wide to protect from sun and rain.  The  underside of the brim should be dark to reduce distracting glare.
  • And finally the visor should be stylish and complement your golfing outfit.
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