Time to embrace winter golf

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How do you survive the winter as a golfer?


To be honest I stop thinking about golf between November and February when I  hang up the clubs with the excuse of poor weather. I really hate playing in the wet and cold, soggy lies and ice-numbed hands are not my thing. For me golf is a summer sport. I guess I am a fair weather golfer. It seems that 95% of golfers feel like I do and don’t like winter golf.


But there are many reasons why you shouldn’t do what I do as so-called winter golf has many benefits:


  • The main benefit that winter golf offers is continuity. Play through the winter and your muscles won’t stiffen up and you won’t feel like a beginner again when spring is here.


  • Playing in different and challenging weather also teaches you how to adapt to different conditions, which is a crucial part of being a good golfer.


  • The good thing about winter golf is that it allows you time to practice without worrying about your score or result. There aren’t any competitions and there is no one around to watch you. 
  • Winter is also the time to have a bit of fun and  enjoy some fun teamformats.


  • A wintercourse also offers many advantages: Courses are shorter than normal, the rough has dried up and there is no hay to sallow up your ball. Rules are generally relaxed and allow preferred lies. There is also  a good chance that  bunkers are “ground under repair” because they are flooded. That lake you had trouble hitting across in the summer may be frozen over. You may be short again but it doesn’t matter because if you are, your ball just bounces of the ice, gets out of the lake and may even end up being your longest shot yet.


  • There are advantages to soggy greens and rock hard fairways, but obviously you can only have one or the other. When the greens are soggy, there is no risk that the balls roll off them. They  may be bumpy  but this is compensated by the extra large bucket-size holes. With rock solid fairways you can hit some mammoth drives. Always make sure that you keep our ball as warm as possible as this will increase the length of your shots.
  • And most importantly there are no queues and slow play doesn't exist as there is no one on the course but you. No waiting to hit shots, no being rushed by the two-ball behind you. Just going at your own pace and in your own little world - the way the game should be played.


So don’t waste your time and get out there. I may just do the same... 


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