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Ladies, do you want to look more stylish on the golf course?

What about getting a new golf hat? A hat offers you the chance to make a fashion statement and complement your look on the course as well as having the added benefit of offering protection from the sun and sometimes the rain. And of course there is an argument that no outfit is really complete without a hat. However,  just as with any golf apparel it is important to choose the right item to ensure not only style but also comfort, so that the item does not hinder your swing or technique throughout the game.

If chosen correctly, a hat not only completes your outfit but it makes you also look more professional and sporty. For some people a hat gives that extra boost of confidence. This is probably because most professionals wear a hat, mainly for promotional reasons with the hat displaying the logo of their sponsor. There is an argument that a hat  may help you focus on the game and ultimately improve your game.  Visors as well as other hats with a wide brim help to focus on the game as the brim helps to block out part of your field of vision. This means that your annoying partner can be blocked out while you are taking a putt.

So whether you want to look sporty or complete your outfit, just choose a hat. Like Deion Sanders said, “If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. If you play good, they pay good.” Maybe you’re not getting paid, but a great golf hat can certainly boost your confidence. And rest assured, there are no official rules on what type of hat you can wear, and there are literally hundreds of hats to choose from - the choice is entirely yours. Obviously the season and whether you need protection from the rain or sun will play a big role.

There are modern hats such as baseball caps which are one of the most commonly worn types of hats and golf is no exception. There are flat caps and other types of caps. Then there are various types of wide brim hats, which are particularly useful to protect your ears or neck from getting sunburnt although the brim may get into  the way of your swing. They also may look heavy and very 'slick' or professional. One type of wide brim hat is the bucket hat, which is a casual hat with a simple design and particularly useful in the rain. There are cowboy hats and fedoras, both slightly more extravagant and not always appropriate for the golf course. To get an idea of the many other hats available you could check wikipaedia. 

Don't be paralysed by the choice available. Just go with what is most comfortable to you or suits your style best. Alternatively you may go with what your favorite professional golf player wears. We at Goflglam would like to make the case for the visor as a  classic and sporty accessory which can easily be combined with any outfit.  Visors have made a big comeback and Golfglam's visor have the bling that add that extra splash of style and that make its visors unique and stand out. 


The benefits of visors

On the golf course visors offer many benefits:

 *   Timeless comfort: Visors are great for playing golf as they give you the benefits of a hat without impeding all of your head with an oversized brim  which interferes with your swing.

*   Keeping you cool and providing ventilation: visors are often the headgear of choice for people who play golf or do other sorts of intense exercise because visors are the only hat that keep that  breeze on your head.

*   Sun Protection: Visors usually, do a better job at offering sun protection than a hat or traditional baseball or tennis cap because the brim can easily be adjusted depending on the position of the sun. The only people who should not wear visors but rather full hats are those with bald heads or bald spot.

 *   They just look good:  Visors do not mess up or hide your hair, in fact they can be easily combined with your hairstyle. Visors help people with fuller hair avoid the dreaded hat head, and they keep the sweat away. Visors also fit all types of headshapes. A visor is simply everyone’s best friend! It doesn’t matter whether you have a long or a wide face, a visor will always fit your head!

 *   Endless Style: visors are sporty while at the same time offering endless style. It hasn’t always been like this. Gone are the days when the visor was the hat of the middle aged overweight  accountant.  Over recent years they have made a big comeback and are now often spotted on the catwalk. The modern visor (whether by Marc Jacobs or Marni ) is entirely chic and has become a fashion symbol.

Of course visors may not suit everyone. If you are male and blinding balding a visor may not be the best choice. 

If you think you are not the visor-type then think again!

When choosing a hat channel the inner golfer in you and opt for a novelty hat that will help you stand out in the crowd. The options are limitless. Golfglam's visors with bling offer  a great opportunity to do just that - stand out from the crowd! The possibilities are endless and you won’t have to strain your budget since these hats are readily affordable.


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