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I love visors. I can’t go out on the golfcourse without wearing one. I use them to block out the sun as well as to keep my hair in place. I prefer them to hats or caps as they have less potential to create a hair mess. However they can still affect my hairstyle and I always dread the hat head or visor head at the end of a golf round : unattractive static yet-at-the-same-time flat hair with dents in the area where the hat sat. So the fewer times I have to take my visor off the better.

Thankfully women don’t really have to take off their hat unless they finished their round and go into the clubhouse. The hat etiquette whereby the hat is taken off when greeting golf partners or thanking them at the 18th hole only really applies to men. However, women may have to take their hat off when thanking their partners by a kiss on the cheek to avoid the brims geting in the way.

When it comes to taking the hat off hoping for the best outcome is not going to be enough. Those hair dents will be there unless you take actions to avoid them appearing in the first place. The best way to keep hair dents away is to keep the visor loose. If you pull your hair back in a high ponytail or chignon, you're less likely to get the marks when you take it off and let your hair down. If you are prone to frizzy hair, you are more likely to get messy hair and a frizz controlling hairspray may help. And finally never put a visor on damp hair. There is plenty of advice online on how to style your hair under a hat such as

In case you still get a visor head despite the above advice you may take the following simple actions to improve it:
Use your fingers instead of a comb to comb your hair instead as using a comb makes any hair dents more noticeable. Bridging you hair with your fingers makes you look deliberately disheveled and not like you’ve worn a hat for hours.
Keeping some hair cream with you may also be a good idea.
In case of any hair dents you could also use a towel soaked in steaming hot water to wrap around your head and to get rid of any hair dents.
Never brush your hair with a comb or brush as this will make the visor head worse.
As you can see the steps are very simple and effortless and go a long way in helping preventing hat head or visor head. Visorhead is no longer an excuse for not wearing a hat.

What’s your hairstyle like after you wore a hat all day? Share your thoughts or pictures with us!

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