How to wear a visor with short hair

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often get people saying that they don’t know how to wear a visor with their short hair.

Of course there is nothing worse than messy hair and the dreaded hat hair is something we all want to avoid, and it can affect short as much as long hair.

If you have short hair, wearing a hat can be just as difficult as when you have long hair. This applies especially if you have a lob or a bob like me. It’s not just about sticking the visor on your head. It’s all about positioning it at the right angle. How do you wear a visor and make sure you still look good without ending up with a visor head.

If you have a fringe like me you never really know where to put it - hide it under the brim which could lead to visor head or worse you end up with hair glued against your forehead. If you leave your hair over the brim this may look silly and also  cause hair dents. So, here are some simple tips to keep your looks with a visor:

Never pull your visor straight down onto your head, covering your forehead; but pull it onto the back of your head at an angle.

  • When buying visors, choose ones that do not fit too tight on your head.
  • Avoid putting a hat on while your hair is still damp. Either wait for it to dry completely or use a blow dryer.
  • Carefully place the hat on your head in a manner that does not mess up your hair too much.

I wear a visor when golfing to keep my hair in place: i wear my parting down the middle or towards the side  and I put the visor on directly across my forehead, below the hairline at slight angle.

Applying a little mousse can go a long way to help in keeping my looks under control and prevent any hairs from  getting in the way and distracting me from my swing.

In case you end up with a visor head keep calm - there are ways to iron out any indentions left by the hat:

The easiest technique is to take a small towel and soak it with the hottest tap water you can stand. Wring it out so it's damp and not wet, then wrap it around your head. Keep it there for a minute or two. This will help "iron out" the dent. Run the towel over your entire head (so the sides and back won't be the only damp parts) and then re-style with your hands so you get an intentionally tousled look.

Whether you are golfing or not a visor is a nice accessory to complete your outfit. They can be worn without messing up your hair and in fact they can be naturally combined with your hairstyle, long as well as short.

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