How to style your hair with a visor

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Visors are kind to your hair

A lot of women choose the visor as a hat because it really is a hat without being a hat.  It has all the benefits of a hat in terms of protecting the face from the sun but none of its downsides. It doesn’t hide  the hair and the damage it does to your hairstyle in terms of causing dents is limited. Contrary to a hat wearing a visor doesn’t mean that you are  doomed to lifeless looks like you are with other hats. There are ways to wear your hair with a visor that are attractive and keep your hair out of your face And do not distract you when swinging. A visor also suits every type of head. Unlike other types of hats, it doesn’t matter whether you have a long face or wider one, a visor will perfectly match your head!

Visors are chic

Visors used to be the look of old-lady tourists or overweight middle aged insurance brokers. However in recent years the visor has had a big come-back in fashion. While the visor used to be seen as a purely functional and practical accessory with zero aesthetic function the modern visor is a chic accessory and has become a common sight on the catwalk.

You can combine nearly any hairstyle with a visor 

short hair

Because a visor doesn’t cover your hair like a hat does you can easily combine your hairstyle with a visor. So how do you style your hair with a visor? Essentially most hairstyles work. The only thing to watch out for is that the hairstyle you choose doesn’t get in the way of the visor causing pressure points. A hairstyle should also be stable and strong enough to last a round of golf. That still leaves endless possibilities, especially for long hair.

For short bob hairstyles a visor can naturally keep your hair in place meaning that you can wear your hair open Or need to tie it back when doing sports. However, keep the visor loose to avoid getting hair dents.

Long hair

For longer hair a braid, a ponytail or a messy chignon all work. You can even keep your hair down and sleek.


Fig. 1: Chignon with a visor

Fig. 2: Chignon with a visor

Fig. 3: Ponytail with a visor

 Fig. Dutch Pleat with visor

FIg.5 French pleat with visor 

So wearing a visor doesn’t mean that you are stuck with  the same old hairstyle. And there is no excuse to avoid the visor because it doesn’t allow  variety.  In case you chose a ponytail you can wait this high or low, depending on your mood or personality. With a  high ponytail you can get some added volume. If you pull your hair back in a high ponytail or chignon, you're less likely to get hairdents  when you take it off and let your hair down. A little bit of hydration also helps to keep the dents away. When hair is hydrated, it's less prone to frizz and static. A weekly deep conditioning will keep it looking good longer.

Another tip on wearing a visor: Put it across your forehead, so there is space between your hair and the visor. That’s the modern way to wear it.

Visors - a must-have accessory

I hope this gIves you ideas on how to wear your visor, whatever you do, golfing or not. Wear your visor with confidence, it is the must-have accessory this season!

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