A new year - a new you - stop blaming others for your game of golf

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Golfglam happy new year The New Year just began and it’s  time to make those  new year’s resolutions. Why not focus your resolutions on your game of golf? A good one would be to stop making excuses for a bad round of golf. Just admit that if you suck at golf this is entirely your fault!

Golf is well known as a sport where its players look for excuses for poor performance. This one fly that’s been following you round all day and just happened to land on your ball as you stood over it. Let’s face it: blaming someone or something for a bad shot gives us an easy way out. I think we can agree that golfers of all ability have one thing in common: bad shots are not their fault, or at least most of the times.

This kind of blaming seems to be unique to golf and there is no other sport where players can so easily blame someone or something for a bad shot. It may be that their partner spoke during their backswing or the fault of the green keeper who left his mower running. Or it may be nature interfering with the game such as the chirping birds or the wind - the possibilities are endless. Stop breathing in my backswing, is a personal favourite of mine.

Blaming someone or something is an easy trap to fall into.The answer to why players look for  excuses for their bad shots is possibly to do with the pace of the game. Time is not your friend in golf.  In other sports you do not have the time to mull over a bad shot like you do in golf. In Tennis you only have seconds before facing the next shot, however in golf you have quite a bit longer.  you are also left facing your partner after a shot and may feel embarrassed and in need to apologise or find some kind of justification for not playing level.

Golf also lacks teammates who can  take the blame or whom you can lean on when you aren’t at your best.

Blaming someone else for a bad shot is also a way to keep your emotions under control. 

But the excuse game is a game that you cannot win. When making excuses you complicate the game, making an already challenging game even more challenging by not addressing the cause of your poor golf. 

Therefore in the new year stop looking for excuses, just acknowledge that a shot was entirely your making. Let’s start the new year with being honest to yourself and address your swing and technique head on.

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